We represent your interests in the acquisition or sale of real estate.

Private wealth creation or securing entrepreneurial success: Real estate is a major capital investment. How you establish, protect and profitably utilise your real estate assets also depends on the legal structure. This applies in equal measure to residential space in private use, commercial property and investments. We assist companies, commercial investors and private individuals in all legal areas pertaining to real estate and real estate projects.

Contracts relating to real estate are financially important. We support you with all issues concerning Real Estate Law or property-related Commercial Law, including:

Preparing, drafting and processing real estate acquisition contracts and land purchase contracts

Commercial property transactions:legal assistance for example with a letter of intent, exclusivity agreements, a share deal, asset deal, as well as real estate due diligence

Real Estate-related Corporate Law:Structuring joint ventures, asset management real estate companies, etc.

Commercial Tenancy Law & Lease Law:Advising and representing landlords and tenants

You have a matter pertaining to the acquisition or sale of real estate: Get in touch with us.